Operator of JC’s Iconic Red Robin Diner Opens New Restaurant

The man who ran Red Robin Diner in Johnson City is cooking again at his newly opened restaurant.

Jon Bowie launched the Rockin Robin Diner in Hillcrest and the place attracts many of those who have been regulars to Red Robin.

The beloved diner in the heart of Johnson City closed last January after Bowie struggled for months to keep business running during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Customers at Rockin’ Robin Diner on November 22, 2021 (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

Bowie, who lives in Kirkwood, said the opportunity to set up shop at 1080 Chenango Street in Hillcrest came quickly.

The place has for years been the home of Laura Luncheonette. But this restaurant closed after the death of James Gill, who ran the business with his sister.

Bowie is busy at Rockin Robin Diner, which opens November 2. The restaurant, which features some of the unique collectibles that have filled Red Robin, is open seven days a week.

A photo of the old Red Robin Diner is displayed at the recently opened Rockin Robin Diner in Hillcrest. (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

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