Oli’s Pet Stuff on Bulverde Road emphasizes natural pet food, treats and toys

Yasmine Amlani (right) owns and operates Oli’s Pet Stuff, with the help of colleagues such as Cara McVeigh (left). (Edmond Ortiz/Community Impact Journal)

Yasmin Amlani, owner of Oli’s Pet Stuff and president of Oli’s Pet Stuff, said she opened her own pet food and supply store in Bulverde Road because she was unable to find any other stores nearby that specialize in natural pet foods.

Her poodle, Oliver, adapts to sensitive skin and is difficult to eat, Amlany said. She also said she was touched after watching the reality TV show “Profit,” which features a specialty pet store.

“I moved to the area and thought, ‘Wow, there’s nothing in the area,'” Amlani said, “and I’m sure there are a lot of dogs that need special foods, so that’s how I started here.”

Amalani opened Oli’s Barkery in 2019, then changed the name to Oli’s Pet Stuff to reflect the store’s diversity of offerings.

Oli’s focuses on several pet food brands that contain natural ingredients that can be beneficial for pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

“We’re kind of like Trader Joe’s for dogs,” she said.

In addition to canned, dried, frozen, and grain-free foods, Oli’s has birthday cakes and cookies; Goat’s milk; and various types of frozen foods, such as yogurt and ice cream.

There is a “chew bar” in the middle of the store, featuring many types of rawhide-free natural bones and chews.

Oli’s has a large selection of treats containing CBD, honey, oils, and peanut butter as well as dog and cat toys, accessories, collars, beds, leashes, tools, and personal care products.

Oli’s sells many items made by pet-centric projects from around the San Antonio area.

“We work with small local companies that make their own items and display their stuff,” Amlani said.

Oli’s also offers self-washing and grooming stations by scheduling an appointment.

Amlany said she and her colleagues are trying to educate pet owners about certain products.

“[Customers] Amani said.

Oli’s Pet Stuff

18010 Bulverde Road, St. 104, San Antonio


Grooming text: 726-203-1963


Opening hours: Monday to Friday. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Saturday. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday. Noon – 4 PM


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