Oak Creek Dog Food Brand Says It Will Pay For Senior Pet Adoption

Oak Creek, Wisconsin — The Oak Creek-based pet food company hopes to raise awareness of adopting large pets in November by paying certain adoption fees throughout the month.

Stella & Chewy’s said in a press release that there are thousands of large cats and dogs across the United States in need of adoption, except that many people may discourage them from adopting because they are older. To encourage more people to consider older pets when searching for rescue, the brand announced that it will be paying older pet adoption fees throughout the month of November.

The efforts come as a tradition that began in 2019 and a partnership with Pilots to the Rescue, an organization that brings old pets to cities where they can be more adopted. The brand, which was founded in 2003, announced this year’s campaign for older pets at the end of October.

“Stella & Chewy’s has long focused on adopting large pets, but this year we are very pleased that we are taking things even further by not only removing the cost barrier for adoption, but also making large pets more accessible through our work with Flyers. to the rescue.”

The brand has set aside $80,000 in cash to pay for older pet adoptions. The brand’s news release said people who adopt a dog or cat over 5 years old are eligible for a refund of the adoption fee, as well as a $40 voucher to use at Stella & Chewy’s.

Since 2019, the program has helped 650 senior pets find a home, the press release said. The program coincides with “Big National Pet Adoption Month.”

Besides pet compensation, the brand’s partnership with Pilots to the Rescue helps make older pets more adoptable, says the press release. Old pets are shipped to cities where they are more likely to be adopted.

said Michael Schneider, founder of Pilots To Rescue. “I am honored to be working together this year to kick-start the national rollout of Big Pet Adoption Month by moving large animals to new cities in hopes of adoption.”

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