Norwegian Biotech Company Launches Dog Activity App | Industry News

Aker BioMarine, a Norwegian biotechnology company and producer QRILL pet (The functional and sustainable component of pet food), launch of QPaws-The Dog Activity App. Compared to some popular fitness apps for humans, QPaws-The Dog Activity is one of the very few options available today that allows owners to gather all the information about their dogs in one place. From health data and vaccination records to daily activities, food and rest time, the goal of this new app is to help keep track of all the relevant information that will help improve your dog’s health.

QPaws-The Dog Activity App is the latest addition to QRILL Paws, an ecosystem of a wide range of high-quality content related to active, healthy dogs. The app, which will add a new dimension and channel to the QRILL Paws platform, has been developed in close collaboration with Øistein Sørensen, an active dog sled driver. As the brain behind the technology, Sørensen previously launched a pilot trial of the app which has already had success with 15,000 dogs registered so far.

Additionally, the app allows users to follow global dog competitions via a live function. During the winter of 2022, users can catch up on some of the toughest dog sled races in the world, including the Femund Race (Norway in February) and the legendary Alaskan Iditarod in March. The QPaws-The Dog Activity app is free and available for immediate download from the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Although the app is intended for a wide range of dog owners, it will be updated in the coming months with many new features designed for different types of dog owners and their activities (such as hunting dogs, agility training, service dogs, and more).


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