New Year’s resolutions for the NE Florida landscape

When planting trees, make sure they have been successful by planting them a little higher than the surrounding soil.

As we prepare our yards for a fresh start in 2022, perhaps one of our New Year’s resolutions is to make some changes in how we preserve our landscapes. By doing this, maybe we can save some money and have a healthier landscape at the same time. Adopting these five resolutions can seem daunting. Instead, try adopting one as a starting point. By doing this, you are on your way to having a healthier landscape.

#1: Calibrate your sprinkler system

One of the biggest contributors to an unhealthy lawn is drinking too much water. When asked how much water is applied to our lawns, many of us give an answer in minutes like “15 minutes per area”. In the growing season, research has found that Florida grass varieties only need 1-1½ inches of water per week (including precipitation) to be healthy. Using more creates favorable conditions for lawn diseases such as complete root rot.

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