New pet food pantry to help those in need with furry family members

For community members who are food insecure, concerns about the needs of their pets come to the fore. Some may go without food themselves to ensure their pets get a meal, or they may share their human food with their animals. Some may give away a beloved animal to friends or family, or even deliver them to a shelter in times of struggle.

The Humane Society of Summit County (HSSC) works to create a compassionate community, for both animals and humans. To help community members struggling to feed their pets, HSSC has launched a new program to distribute emergency supplies of pet food to local food stores. The goal is to support neighbors who own pets through short- and long-term financial challenges.

In December 2020, through a generous grant from the County of Summit and the Akron Community Foundation, made available through federal CARES Act funding, HSSC provided more than 25,000 pounds of dry dog ​​and cat food to Summit County food stores through a pilot program . Partner stores distributed all the food, a month’s supply for nearly 3,000 pets, to Summit County residents in need in just a few weeks. The need for these services is not isolated and fast food stores are asking for more on behalf of their customers.

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