New FFVII Remake Art Shows Biggs and Wedge’s Rooms

The Remake of FFVII Official Twitter account Deploy concept art for Biggs and Wedge rooms from the game. While you don’t get a chance to actually visit these areas Remake of FFVII The game, the pictures give a good look at the differences between the characters.

Wedge’s room is full of cats and it’s very messy. There is rubbish in bags or on roofs and his bed is untidy. Additionally, there is a huge bag of cat food open on the floor, which provides ample opportunity for voracious cats to sneak some food in. On the other hand, Biggs apartment is very clean and tidy. There are tools for decorating the walls, as well as a workbench next to his bed. Everything is put into place.

While Remake of FFVII It didn’t give you the opportunity to explore these areas, they just spent more time giving proper characters to Biggs, Wedge and Jessie. Cloud has many interactions with the three avalanche members in the remake continuity, ascending them from minor supporting roles to major supporting roles.

During Black Friday and Internet Monday, Remake of FFVII It is one of the many video games for sale. Stores like Best Buy and Walmart offer it for about $24.99. During the 2021 Japan Game Awards in October, Remake of FFVII, along with nine other titles, was awarded the Excellence Award.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Easily available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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