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Nestlé’s Blayney Purina Petcare factory produces more than 135,000 tons of pet food each year. That’s 1.2 million servings of pet food each day.

They also use a large amount of electricity to produce their pet meals, but as of today electricity is 100 percent renewable.

In a 10-year partnership between CWP Renewables and Nestlé Australia, the PPA will see all Nestlé sites convert to renewable electricity.

The power purchase agreement will provide clean electricity from CWP Renewables’ Sapphire and Crudine Ridge wind farms in New South Wales.

The Blayney pet food factory is one of the company’s largest users of electricity, consuming the equivalent of 4,600 families a year, and Blayney’s plant manager, Oliver Woodward, said the agreement would allow them to be zero by 2050.

“Across all Nestlé sites in Australia, switching to renewable electricity will result in the company avoiding approximately 73,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year,” he said.

Across Australia, Nestlé operates six Australian factories, two distribution centres, three corporate offices, 20 retail stores and laboratories.

The Blayney plant also uses natural gas to power its pet food but at the moment there are no firm plans to replace the equipment used with electricity or other technology to reduce gas usage.

“We will improve the amount of renewable energy we use,” said Mr. Woodward. “For now, we are focusing on renewable electricity while we work to reduce our emissions.”

With such a large footprint, the possibility of generating electricity at the Blayney plant through solar panels is not one of the companies Woodward is investigating.

“We are experts in the pet food industry – which is why we leave electricity generation to the experts in the field and have partnered with CWP Renewables,” he said.

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