Nature’s Logic Joins Mid America Pet Food Family of Brands

Press Release: Mid America Pet Food

Mid America Pet Food, LLC (Mid America Pet Food) recently announced that it has acquired Nature’s Logic. Offering high-quality pet products focused on the benefits of the natural nutrition of whole foods, Nature’s Logic joins the Mid America Pet Food family of brands.

“Mid America Pet Food has experienced significant growth, and the acquisition of Nature’s Logic is an exciting opportunity for us as we share a unified passion for pet nutrition,” said Greg Sear, CEO of Mid America Pet Food. “Welcoming Nature’s Logic into the MAPF family of brands delivers an exciting expansion in our approach to delivering nourishing formulas as Nature’s Logic strongly aligns with the MAPF mission. We look forward to serving a new group of pet parents and loyal companions as we continue to deliver superior quality nutrition within each A brand while maintaining the integrity of what has made each of them successful so far.”

Recognizing the unique nutritional benefits each brand brings to its approach to providing superior quality pet nutrition, Mid America Pet Food and Nature’s Logic will continue to operate as separate companies.

“Becoming part of the Mid America Pet Food portfolio is an exciting opportunity for Nature’s Logic,” said David Yaskulka, CEO of Nature’s Logic. “We admire Mid America Pet Food’s deep experience and strong reputation in the pet industry, and we are confident that their partnership will help strengthen nature’s logic as we stay true to our focus on natural whole food nutrition and our commitment to sustainability.”

Mid America Pet Food was founded in 2007, producing VICTOR Super Premium Pet Food (VICTOR) and Eagle Mountain Pet Food (Eagle Mountain). Both brands are located in East Texas, and offer reliable pet nutrition at a reasonable value. VICTOR’s premium quality dog ​​food formulas are nationally recognized and are a trusted source of nutrition for pet owners across the country, including outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, trainers and breeders.

Founded in 2006, Nature’s Logic is a line of high-quality, 100 percent natural pet foods and treats that contain no synthetic vitamins. Our mission is to apply nature’s logic to everything we touch, which means creating all-natural nutrition from whole foods and being a voice for sustainability. Nature’s Logic has been named the Pet Industry’s 20 Best Sustainable Brands by the Pet Sustainability Alliance and is listed on Inc. 5000 for the fastest growing private companies.

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