Narva cat shelter receives €12,000 donation for Christmas | News

The Narva Cat Room is the largest of its kind in Narva with more than 300 cat colonies occupying the rooms of an old nursery building, ETV daily affairs program “Aktuaalne kaamera” reported on Wednesday.

Cats are often brought from homes, where they are no longer needed. “Where can’t we find them? The Horticultural Societies, Esti and Balti Power Plants and the former Jwala plant in Krenholm. The old people are leaving this life and we are taking in some older cats,” said Dimitri, a volunteer.

There is also a cat in the shelter who allegedly once lived in the yard of the city government building. Previous city officials and even mayors have come to feed the cats, but the cat is unfortunately unlucky in terms of finding a home due to its age.

Young cats have the best look for finding a home, but older cats have little to do but blame the father.

The shelter started in December with an empty budget, and the loans got a surprise donation of €12,000 over the holidays. This is the largest amount ever collected for cats in Estonia.

“It really helps,” said Dmitriy. “Thank you. This is so much fun. People bring us a lot of cat food. I try to explain to them that it is not a myth that we have so many cats.”

The shelter will use the donation to run for about a month and a half as 300 cats require a significant amount of care, therapy and food.

Cats in the Narva Cat Room. source: Error

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