My kids hate Christmas dinner so I let them eat whatever they want on Xmas day

Turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and a whole pile of veggies.

This is a traditional Christmas dinner – but many kids aren’t fans of fancy roasts.

Some parents decided not to force the traditional Christmas dinner on their kids, and give them pizza instead


Some parents decided not to force the traditional Christmas dinner on their kids, and give them pizza insteadcredit: Getty

Instead of trying to force their kids to cover up for their turkey dinner, some parents decided to let them have the freedom on Christmas Day — and choose exactly what they wanted to eat.

“I tell my kids (boys 10 and 5) they can eat whatever they want on Christmas Day,” Becky Dunwell’s mother wrote in the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group.

Chocolate for breakfast? Sure. Pizza for dinner? Sure, I only started this two years ago and it works.

“Christmas is a time to have fun and be with your loved ones, not to worry about cooking a feast that may or may not be eaten.

“Relax and let them choose what they want to eat.”

Another mother, Kate Findlatter, agreed, writing, “This is exactly why I no longer cook the traditional (or traditional fuzzy) Christmas lunch or dinner on Christmas Day..

“I cook curry (which we all enjoy) on Christmas Eve, then cook fresh rice the same day and reheat the curry… I never miss a day in the kitchen!”

Apparently, the couple are not in the minority by preparing a funky Christmas meal for their children.

Kids often hate Brussels sprouts


Kids often hate Brussels sproutscredit: Getty

“We don’t have a traditional Christmas dinner, we have shawarma with homemade hummus, roast potatoes, and roasted vegetables — then my daughter can dip any of the vegetables she doesn’t like so much into the hummus, although we try to pick out the ones she likes too,” she wrote. Lucy Josephine.

Holly McClennan agreed, “I would literally cook my kids pizza if that’s what they fancy. It’s Christmas, it should be fun and food.”

“Why fight with them on the most magical day of the year. It won’t be long before they grow up and enjoy roasting.”

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