More on Bond Pet Foods’ cultured protein partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Boulder, Colo. On November 10, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Bond Pet Foods, Inc. About a strategic partnership to advance the sustainability of Hill’s pet food formulas with fermented proteins. Rich Kleiman, founder and CEO of Bond Pet Foods, has since shared details about the partnership with him pet food processing, including prospects going forward for the pet feed biotech company.

“Hill’s collaboration with Bond is part of a sustainability mission focused on combining high-quality pet nutrition with what’s best for the planet – as a way to leave the world a better place for people and pets,” Kleiman said. “The relationship is strengthened by Plug and Play, a global innovation platform that works with startups that create ideas to transform animal health and agriculture. As a founding partner of Plug and Play’s Topeka office located at the KC Animal Health Corridor, Hill works collaboratively with the organization to support businesses Selected startups and work with them on strategic collaborations and pilot programmes, such as Bond Pet Foods.”

In fact, Bond Pet Foods was one of 10 companies from across the US, Australia, Spain, UK and Sweden selected to participate in the inaugural Plug and Play competition in 2020.

Together, Hill’s and Bond will explore the possible applications of target meat protein in dog and cat formulations and across various forms. The number of products to be included in this sustainable reformulation project will be determined by this discovery phase, Kelleman shared, and the specific nature of the target meat protein has not yet been announced.

“The product and regulation review process will determine the timing,” he said. “We plan to follow the appropriate product innovation development process, conduct the necessary trials and obtain all necessary regulatory approvals prior to market launch.”

Bond Pet Foods will manufacture the cultured meat proteins, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition will retain the marketing rights for these proteins.

Kelleman also noted that while Bond remains focused on its collaboration with Hill’s at this time, the biotech company may look to leverage other industry relationships to accelerate the arrival and impact of meatless pet nutrition protein solutions.

“In our food laboratory in Boulder, we have demonstrated that we can produce a large number of meat proteins with our technology platform,” he said. “While the focus was initially on target protein for chicken and cardamom, this work is ongoing.”

On the horizon, Bond Pet Foods aims to introduce more of its pet nutrition products from farmed meat protein, after launching its inaugural product – protein-packed dog treat bars – in May 2020.

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