Metro Nashville animal shelter is filled to capacity and waiving pet adoption fees

Kringle is available for adoption from Metro Animal Care and Control.

Metro Animal Care and Control waives adoption fees for people looking to adopt a dog or cat.

The facility revealed that it has reached its full capacity and currently houses more than 60 dogs. Fees for both reinstatements and adoptions will be waived through Sunday.

Adoption counselors are available to speak with potential pet owners between noon and 4 p.m.

Animals put up for adoption are spayed or neutered, e-chip, and begin initial vaccinations. A large number of dogs in the facility are considered stray or lost pets. Photos are taken, uploaded to and posted under the “I’ve Lost a Pet” tab.

Royal is available for adoption from Metro Animal Care and Control.

Royal is available for adoption from Metro Animal Care and Control.

Recovery services are offered during business hours, and fees are currently waived to give owners the opportunity to bring home their lost pets. Anyone wishing to get their pet back needs to bring proof of ownership to show the shelter.

A list of pets for adoption can be found on under ZIP Code 37211.

If viewing the site on a mobile device, tap on the sister site

Information on how to take care of a pet

Metro Animal Care and Control is asking people to consider opening their homes to raising a pet. The pets will live in the house until they are adopted.

The facility will provide all food and equipment when sheltering a pet. Adoption coordinators are available to educate and support adoptive parents. Pet care can make space in shelters for emergency sockets.

Those interested in becoming an adoptive parent can email or apply to join the Foster List by filling out the application at

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This article originally appeared in Nashville Tennessee: Metro Nashville Animal Shelter is full, waiving pet adoption fees

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