Meet the First Company to Make Mouse Cat Treats Without Harming Mice

Because animals It is the first company to sell pet food cat treats mouse without having to hurt the mice.

The CEO of Because Animals, Shannon Falconer, doesn’t eat meat, which is what spurred this shift in the industry. She is a former Stanford microbiologist and longtime animal rescue volunteer. One of her goals was to create pet foods that would still provide what their carnivores diet needed without the cruel and unnecessary slaughter of animals.

Because animals bring them the joy of harmless hunting for cats with mouse super zoo, employmentIt is one of the largest trade fairs in the pet food industry. Cat treatments are made from mouse stem cells that have been grown in a food-grade bioreactor. The process does not involve killing any mice. cells are taken from donor mice By placing them under anesthesia while their ear is pierced to collect cells. Falconer explained that the donor mice have been adopted and are now living their lives as very happy pets.

Since most cell-based meats are intended for human consumption, New Animal Foods is a leading product when it comes to cruelty-free pet foods. They have already raised more than $6.7 million from investors and plan to grow their pet food group to include more options.

Talking about vegan food options, Falconer said, “We can always use more, and I’m happy when there’s More alternatives. But there was absolutely nothing for my cat and nothing for the dogs.”

The pet food market is a big industry to tackle with cruelty-free options, but because animals have made a huge leap toward more sustainable, cruelty-free animal food options.

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