MAD Cats helps spay/neuter more than 800 felines in 2021 | Latest News

The number of kittens they have fluctuates based on various factors – two weeks ago, MAD Cats had 30 babies to look after. A few days ago, their number was reduced to nine cats, said Rose Jacobs, of Madison County, one of the founders of MAD Cats.

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“Then, on Christmas Day, Santa brought six more,” she said. “One of the problems is that our stock changes all the time, so if someone wanted a particular cat, they might have already moved on.

“We recently fixed most of the cats in a trailer park – over 30 cats. All the residents were looking after the cats, but no one was able to afford to fix the cats.”

Jacobs said the work of the small organization has prevented thousands of kittens from being born. MAD Cats also manufactures Styrofoam coolers for outdoor winter cat shelters. A large hole is cut into the container, stuffed with straw and closed with tape.

“It’s important to get the shelters out of the rain and snow,” Jacobs said. “If this is not possible, you need to put a small canopy over the hole to prevent snow and rain.”

A local rabbi, Jacob heads up the MAD Cats fundraiser by selling handpicked animal-themed or other exotic socks for $5 per pair.

The work continues despite a sharp rise in pet food costs and a shortage of veterinarians. Another challenge faced by people who cannot keep their cats, is to hand their pets for euthanasia.


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