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Paducah – It’s the festive season and although it can be full of festivities, be sure to check in with your pets.

Experts say to make sure you clean your home, be careful when it comes to decor and food. It might just save their lives.

It's the holiday season - be sure to check up on your pets

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and Sharman Webb is out with her four dogs at Stuart Nelson Dog Park in Paducah and like many pet owners, she cherishes her dogs.

“This is our greatest, other than our grandchildren, this is our greatest happiness in life,” Webb said.

But during the holidays, Webb needs to keep a close eye on her pets, especially with regard to food and decorations.

The experts at Furkidz, Paducah’s pet hosting service, say to keep your home spotless to avoid any mishaps.

Make sure to clean your house to avoid any mishaps

“Maybe you’re just waiting to wrap certain food items or other things,” said Savannah Falk, an employee at Forkids. “If you have a dog that will meddle in things, you’ll probably want to put it under the tree to this day and yet, keep an eye on it.”

Foods such as turkey skin, nuts and chocolate should be avoided for dogs. Pork or turkey bones should also be avoided completely. It can settle in the intestines or stomach.

“It can be very upsetting to the stomach,” said Daniel Everett, MD, a veterinarian at Paducah Veterinary Clinic. “It can cause vomiting, it can cause diarrhea, it can actually cause some very important health problems afterwards, things like pancreatitis.”

And with people like Webb, she says it’s important to take care of her dogs – they are close to the family.

“Well, if you’re going to take care of your kids,” Webb said, “they’re like our kids now because we lived empty-handed.”

Foods such as turkey skin, nuts and chocolate should be avoided for dogs

Some foods that are safe for pets such as dogs include pure pumpkin and regular potatoes.

Local vets say the simplest thing to do is keep dogs and cats on their regular diets. So for dogs, dog food – for cats, cat food.


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