Local shelter participates in #BettyWhiteChallenge | WIVT

JOHNSON CITY, NY – A local animal shelter has jumped on board with an online challenge in honor of the late actress, Betty White.

White, who passed away of natural causes on New Year’s Eve, turned 100 on January 17.

The #BettyWhiteChallege has been gaining traction over the past week, asking for donations to animal shelters in White’s honor.

Wyatt was known for being fond of animals, often mentioning her passion in interviews and appearances.

Every Dog’s Dream Rescue (officially Every Dog’s Dream) took to Facebook on Wednesday, to say they had several inquiries about making a donation to White.

The Sanctuary has created a donation link for this challenge, which will run through Day 17.

Donations can also be made by visiting the shelter inside the Petco Adoption Center, or by contacting Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital.

They have also provided a number of items that can be donated as well:

– Paper pellet for cat litter

– Scoop cat litter

Cat food (preferably Purina Naturals, Purina Kitten or Iams)

Adult cat food (preferably Purina Naturals) – wet cat food or kittens

– Fertilizers (toys, trees, scratching, etc.)

Odoban cleaning solution

Blankets or small throws

Laundry soap (preferably unscented)

– Cat scoops/cans – Dog food (Purina preferred)

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