Lift off for US feed sustainability project

The organizations said the initiative aims to support the progress of both corporate sustainability programs and climate-smart initiatives with key stakeholders.

Feed ingredients and additives remain among the least measured and documented sustainability components in the US food supply chain, according to IFEEDER.

“The [US] The feed industry has supported the development of the Global Feed Institute (GFLI) database to advance understanding of the environmental impacts of feed ingredients. However, there is still a need to integrate data points into a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for exchanging information within animal food supply chains.”

This project looks to develop supporting resources for information exchange, including standardization and methodologies, and to provide life-cycle data up and down the production chain, according to the institute.

Alongside the life cycle assessment, the effort will explore the scope of sustainability guidelines and resources the US feed and pet food sector needs for continuous improvement.

No matter where they are in terms of their sustainability journey, feed manufacturers want to be able to do more to help their customers achieve their climate pledges and meet changing consumer expectations, said IFEEDER CEO Lara Moody.

The tools generated by the project should allow companies that have not yet embarked on their sustainability journeys to scale up quickly, and producers with more mature sustainability programs moving forward, added Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, Director of Context Network.


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