Library Corner: Thankful with a few dad jokes for the holiday season

Each year around mid-November, I find myself reflecting on all the blessings in my life.

My list is probably a lot like yours – faith, family, friends, fun times and food. We decided to take a break from our weekly library column (which provides insight into book recommendations, monthly programs, resources, online databases, and our library of things) to take a moment to share all our thanks for this holiday season.

Of course, I should start with a little Thanksgiving humor, courtesy of “Holiday HA-HA’s: Thanksgiving Jokes + Riddles” by Craig Yu. Enjoy sharing these things at your holiday table.

• Why wouldn’t a golfer want pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? He doesn’t like to have a chip!

• What does Frosty the Snowman eat on Thanksgiving? Cool slaw!

• Which soccer team pays one dollar for corn? Thank God!

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to return to Colorado, specifically Grande County, last summer after living in Iowa for the past 16 years. I am fortunate to be able to call this beautiful place ‘home’ and to work with such an amazing group of library professionals.

This is what GCLD staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries across Grand County thank you for.

Linda: Daily laughter, support from my family and physical ability to participate in daily activities, whatever they may be (work, housework, manual chores, etc.).

Solia: family.

Liliana: new friends.

Gracie: I am close to family and have few blessings.

Merlin: I am grateful for the love of my family and good friends, and I am so grateful that I was born in the USA!

Gene: I am grateful for health and grandchildren.

Kremmling Library and Hot Sulfur Springs Library: children who make me smile; To live in the United States where I can read my Bible daily, a book that is banned in other countries; My close-knit group of friends who are interested, fun and supportive; A chance to spend Thanksgiving with some extended family this year and have all my needs met; Our library branches are open to the public and to all of our library goers who have had access to our virtual and in-person services throughout the year. Thank you Grand County!

Granby Library: My fellow humans and animals, especially dogs; snow, ski and live in the mountains; my daughters, my family and my co-workers; Our wonderful library of books, my cat and my cozy bed; living in Grand County; I walk my big fur baby while waiting for the new human family member; New Christmas books by my favorite authors; warm sunshine grateful patrons, good health, family gatherings; social communication; love; Nature, especially mountains and sunsets.

Fraser Valley Library: Friends and family as well as creative artistic talents; My faithful companion of dogs who brings laughter and pure joy; The river and mother nature to share their beauty and space; The community connections and small acts of kindness that help lift us up every day; The ability to live amidst the beautiful Rocky Mountains and enjoy many outdoor activities in nature; Grand County weather, especially snow; health of family and friends during this time; for my parents to give me the life to live and to be able to go to college to pursue my dream job; My family, friends and beloved dogs who always make me happy.

Juniper Library: Sue is grateful for more opening hours at the Juniper Library, especially on Sunday afternoons, so that the public has more time to pick up library orders, browse the collection, or relax by the fire! I am grateful for the time with the kids during the library programs, the fun ideas they came up with, and the laughter we share! I’m grateful for my co-workers, the Thanksgiving vacation with my tight-knit family, and the smell of homemade bread cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of us in the Grand County Library District!

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