Let’s all take a breather and get back to ‘normal’

New arrivals from First Coast co-chairs Jodi Ellis (from left), Carol Wright, BEAM CEO Laurie Richards and PR officers Susan Arono and Kathy McBride gathered for a celebratory photo shoot at the Queens Harbor Yacht and Country Club before the club's annual recess lunch began.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Now that gift season has passed, it’s time to quickly eat the chocolate your loved one gave you and quietly replace those new Christmas pants with a larger size or restart the diet you swore to stick to a year ago. What happened there? Is this fruitcake from grandma’s re-gift from last year? When and how did all this giving start anyway?

It is believed that gift giving can be traced back to the animal kingdom; The human ancestors of male chimpanzees tempted females with bits of food in exchange for mating preferences. Moving up the ladder of evolution, caveman and early caveman gave each other little gifts—mammoth tusks, leopard skin wrap, and a new Gucci purse (if you could catch a Gucci)—to prove they could provide for the family. Tribal leaders rewarded their followers with gifts for their contributions to the clan.

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