KVMR holds Black Friday fundraiser supporting food bank, Sammie’s Friends

It’s become the KVMR 89.5 FM tradition on Black Friday: an opportunity for listeners, members, and the community to make a contribution, with each donation generating support for three non-profit organizations.

For every cash gift a nonprofit Nevada City radio station receives on Friday, SPD Markets will fill a bag of groceries and deliver it to the Food Bank of Nevada County. Not only that, but Incredible Pets will also donate five pounds of pet food to Sammie’s Friends for cats and dogs in need.

The station will also be organizing a special day of programming to celebrate “The Chain Reaction to Do Good,” KVMR Membership Director Adriana Kelly likes to say.

Gifts can be given online at any time at kvmr.org, by calling 530-265-9555 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, or by mailing a contribution or having it delivered outside the station office at 120 Bridge Street in Spring Street. Street across from the Mine Foundry in downtown Nevada.

“Every year on Black Friday we like to offer a different perspective on the holidays, and we are fortunate to have some wonderful partners in the community working with us,” Kelly says.

“Because of them, we can offer these additional benefits.”

“You see, in fact, that your donation does triple duty,” she explains. “It’s a way that you can really extend your vacation by giving dollars.”

During the day, the KVMR schedule on Friday includes:

  • The Morning Show with Jerian Van Dyck and Todd Wahusky (7 a.m.)
  • The popular show New Brick Road with Laurie DesJardin (10 a.m.)
  • Room temperature eclectic music show with Jess Tapper (12 p.m.)
  • New music show New Bleat with Sean Dooley (2pm)
  • Espresso Music Magazine with Hap Hazard (4pm)

Three years ago, the station raised funds to provide a fire relief effort a few weeks after the camp fire that devastated much of Paradise and its surroundings. In 2019, Black Friday raised funds for a new KVMR transmitter to replace one damaged during a power outage that fall.

And last year, community partners and other nonprofits joined the fray.

“This is a way you can jump start your vacation without having to brave or fight for parking,” notes Kelly. “Supporting community radio is also helping local families in need this holiday season and providing a belly-filler for people and pets.”

Kelly adds, “We’ve learned that we can still stay together through KVMR even when we’re often apart.”

On The Air is a spin-off at an eclectic, volunteer-led community radio station in Nevada

KVMR’s Adriana Kelly (in part) and Jessica Folks (right) help collect some groceries from SPD for delivery to the Food Bank of Nevada County.
image provided

Nevada County Food Bank employees and volunteers deliver food to people and vehicles waiting for them. Donations to KVMR this Friday resulted in SPD contributing a bag of food to the Food Bank and Incredible Pets giving Sammie’s Friends five pounds of dog or cat food.
image provided

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