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For pets, the retailer introduced the Kindfull line, a beautifully designed dog food, cat food and treat that the company said when launched This in-house research has demonstrated the need for high quality, good value pet food.

in numbers, Alphen, a supplier of branded pet products, said that by the end of 2020, pet ownership Reached nearly 71 million American households. The American Pet Products Association said pet ownership increased nearly 70 percent last year across the country, although numbers in 2021 slowed by a few percentage points and, according to LEK Consulting, are expected to rise annually over the next few years.

Since Store Brands in the Wild Frequents Target, some great in-store commerce was found supporting Kindfull, two different Target stores in Chicago featured the pet tag.

On a main store tour, one store had a multi-goods island display with two pieces of Kindfull products combined and booked through their Greenies branded display. Kindfull metal fixtures were on wheels, making it easy for store staff to set up the units. The fun displays are reminiscent of a dog house and with an outdoor design, the product packages manage to shine along with fun pet graphics.

In another store, a stand-alone device was placed in the same main aisle. Both groups drove shoppers straight to the pet aisle, which accompanied the Kindfull aisle vertical signage along with shelf signs with messages such as “Create a Good World for Your Pet.”

It’s yet another set of beautiful Point-of-Purchase offerings from Target that support their store’s brands.

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