Jurassic Park Becomes Jurassic Purrk in This Hysterical Parody


While the Jurassic Park series may have derailed a bit with recent iterations, there is no denying that the original remains a classic. Whether it is the secret of the island and its creatures, the chaotic action, or the visual effects, almost everything still stands today.

As good as Jurassic Park is, he simply can’t hold a candle to the Jurassic Purrk video Youtuber OwlKitty just made using his cat. As you can see in the video below, this awesome video replaces the infamous black cat T-Rex for the creator, and leads to some hilarious results.

Instead of banning a T-Rex on set in the car in her presentation scene in Jurassic Park, OwlKitty’s cat scratches the window and hugs the car for some nice, but still surprisingly intimidating action. Cat food also takes the place of taste to catch the attention of this giant kitty, and it works smoothly.

If you’re wondering how exactly this Youtuber was able to accomplish this swap, you just need to take a look at the rest of their page, which features plenty of parodies of amazing cat movies all done with the help of green screen and editing. There, you’ll find everything from Claws! To Godzilla vs. Cat to Home Alone, all of which will surely make you laugh until it hurts.

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Featured image source: YouTube

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