It’s not a good idea to make homemade food for your cats

Please, just give your cat the right food (Image: GETTY)

You love your cat and want them to get the best.

It makes sense that you might skip the canned stuff and make your own food for your feline friend. After all, these bags of chicken nuggets and broth don’t look particularly appetizing.

But these good intentions may be misplaced. New research suggests that it’s not a good idea to make homemade cat food for your cats, and you’d better buy a suitable cat food instead.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, studied 114 cat food recipes online and in cookbooks, analyzing their nutritional content.

Almost all recipes were found to have at least one problem with meeting the nutritional needs of cats.

94 of the recipes provided sufficient information on the nutritional statistics, and of these recipes, all failed to meet recommendations for at least one nutrient essential to cat health. Recipes have been found to lack adequate levels of taurine, iron, or vitamin E.

Cat eating from a bowl

Your cat has specific nutritional needs that homemade food may not be able to meet (Image: GETTY)

The recipes that were written by vets and included additional supplements were better than the whole DIY versions. Five vet-reviewed recipes that contain all the necessary nutrients apart from choline.

In addition to not providing adequate nutrients, 7% of the recipes contained ingredients that could make cats very sick, such as garlic and onions.

So if you are preparing your cat’s food on the advice of a vet, it may be a good idea to continue with it. If you’ve been making your beloved pet a meal out of the blue or from a questionable health blog on the Internet, it’s time to rethink.

Pet food is prepared with experience and feedback from professionals – it’s really no simple task to meet all of your cat’s nutritional needs in your own kitchen at home.

Set aside the time and effort to prepare your cat’s food yourself, and it may be best to buy cat food from the stores instead.

If you are intent on preparing your cat’s food, at least talk to a vet to make sure your pet is in good shape and that you are giving him everything he needs.

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