It takes two paws to handle a ‘Dogpper’

Advertisement for Burger King Dogger [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Fast food chains are trying to get on the good side of pet owners by offering sweets made specifically for Fido.

On November 25, the BHC fried chicken franchise began selling a treat for pets in the form of a chicken leg.

BHC Mung Cookie consists of fruit and vegetable powder and retails for 4,500 won (US$3.80) for a pack of six. Customers can purchase desserts from BHC’s chicken restaurants, online franchise website, Naver’s Smart Store or Yogiyo food delivery app.

“Customers are becoming more interested in pet foods and treatments for their pets, and we plan to increase sales by developing and introducing new products through broader sales channels,” a BHC spokesperson said.

BHC Mung Cookie, a pet treat sold by BHC's chicken franchise [BHC]

BHC Mung Cookie, a pet treat sold by BHC’s chicken franchise [BHC]

Starbucks may have popularized the whole idea in 2015 with Puppuccinos, small portions of whipped cream for dogs.

With the growing number of pet lovers in Korea, many companies are seeing pet food or treats as ways to expand their appeal to legged customers. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, there were 6.38 million households keeping pets last year, nearly a third of the 23 million households in Korea. This number is 8 percent higher than the previous year. Owners don’t hesitate to spend on their furry friends, spending an average of 176,000 won per month on dogs and 149,900 won on cats.

Last month, Burger King released a pet treat, Dogpper, in collaboration with Harim Pet Food.

This treat takes its name somewhat awkwardly from the franchise’s Whopper signature, and is said to mimic the taste of a hamburger by containing beef and a smoky flavor. Other ingredients include brown rice, oats, coconut powder, and tapioca starch.

The Dogpper hamburger chain was offered for a limited time in 2019 for delivery.

During the two-week period, Burger King offered Dogppers for free in May 2019, home delivery orders increased 20 percent, according to the company.

In 2020, I started distributing Dogppers in restaurants as well.

Now the Dogpper is bigger and costs 2,500 won. It can be purchased at Burger King stores or on order via the franchise delivery app. Food is not available on other food delivery apps like Baedal Minjok or Coupang Eats.

“We decided to upgrade Dogpper because we found that pet-loving customers wanted to share the Burger King experience with their pets as well,” said Burger King Korea CEO Moon Young-joo.

Written by Lee Hye-joon, Lee Tae-hee []

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