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Nashville (WSMV) – It’s relatively easy to keep dogs and cats occupied indoors. There are different categories of games that we use to do this.

One is food games. For people who still feed their dogs or cats from a bowl, consider food toys, especially for cats who love to hunt. You can have food toys that are stuffed and hidden so the cat has to go look for them.

The same can be done with dogs. You can create a scavenger hunt. Stuff their food into some kind of food game, whether it’s a commercial product or something you make yourself. Then show the dog that you are hiding it in different places, and the dog must do a scavenger hunt to get it.

Another is interactive games. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, there are species-specific stick toys. For dogs, these are called “flirt poles.” But flirt poles and stick toys for cats are great for animals that love to chase things.

Now, this has the owner’s involvement in it. But you can get a lot of energy from an animal when you’re at the other end of a long line that has a toy.

There are other types of activities that you can engage in with both cats and dogs; Things like hide and seek. Go to a part of the house and call your animal.

For cats, it’s all about hiding in corners and looking up. For dogs, it’s usually just about calling their name and then they come to find you, and there’s a little bit of excitement as you repeat it.

Finally, some self-propelled games. These types of things need a little adult supervision because we don’t want dogs to bump into furniture trying to get the ball running under them. Or, cats lose their minds after the toy gets stuck behind something.

But the owner does not have to be closely involved in the activity if the game itself is self-propelled.


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