How to Work Out With Your Dog

Our pets will always have a special place in our hearts – but should they also have a major place on our exercise mats? Peloton fitness coach Jess Sims thinks so, and we tend to agree. After all, we’re always looking for ways to spice things up when it comes to our workout routine.

Whether you are simply trying to move more or are looking for ways to always include your pet in your daily exercise, Jess Sims shares just how to exercise with your dog.

But before we get into the details, you might be wondering why you should consider exercising with your pet. According to Sims, who recently partnered with dog food brand Acana, it’s a lot more than just a one-on-one time (although that’s appreciated too). Many dog ​​owners (72% according to the Acana survey) feel they have become more active after adopting a dog. fact, Study 2019 It was found that dog owners spend an average of 200 minutes more walking per week than those without dogs.

“When you think about the whole thing last year with the pandemic specifically, many of my friends would say oh my gosh, I haven’t been outside in three days,” Sims says. protection. “With dogs you have no choice, you are forced to take a break from work so it helps to set boundaries. And it is nice to just go out.”

Whether it’s a simple walk or a more intense bodyweight exercise, here’s how to add your dog to your sweat sack.

go for a walk

Sims is the proud canine mom of two beloved rescues – Sienna Grace and Shiloh, so she knows a thing or two about the benefits of exercising with your dog. In fact, during the early days of COVID-19, pet Sims showed up at some Peloton app workouts.

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take a walk

As for what Sims and her boys do to stay active (you know, while Sims don’t do killer pelotons) – she loves a simple walk. “For now, we keep it very basic,” says the coach. “We do a lot of hiking, we go hiking in Central Park, Morningside Park in Harlem. So we just love getting out. That’s the core part of our job.”

Incorporate it into your body weight exercises

The exercise can be as simple or as involved as you like. “I love bodyweight exercises. It’s all about knowing the time under tension,” explains Sims. “She recommends trying the squat countdown.” Count down to 3, 2, 1, and then stand up fast. And then every time you sit down, invite your dog to jump up and kiss your dog.” She recommends doing the same with push-ups and even Burpees—just make sure your pup doesn’t get too excited and on the way. Safety for you and your pet is always a priority.

Don’t forget the cool-down periods

Our pets, just like us, need time to recover from long walks or bouts of intense activity. “Dogs desperately need to recover, especially in hot weather. This is a very important thing, you want to make sure dogs are very hydrated.”

At the end of the day, Sims says to do what works for you and your four-legged friend and that the most important thing for you both is to keep moving!

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