How pet owners can keep animals safe during New Year’s Eve

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — Animal service officials urged pet owners Thursday to keep their animals safe during New Year’s Eve to prevent pet injury, escape or poisoning.

With typical festivities including fireworks, noisemakers, loud music and champagne, officials have advised pet owners to keep pets indoors to prevent them from escaping or coming into contact with hazardous materials.

If possible, pets should be kept in a closed room. If animals need to be brought outside to go to the bathroom, officials said pet owners should keep them on leash or make sure they are enclosed in a gate or fence. They also warn that fireworks can make a frightened dog find even the tiniest fence to escape.

Officials said pet owners can create a quiet environment in an enclosed room or box with a favorite animal toy. Soothing music can also help during fireworks, and people should try to keep the room as quiet as possible by closing doors, windows, and curtains.

If a pet is lost, a collar with an identification tag and a microchip will help reunite the owner with the pet, so officials have urged people to make sure their pets have up-to-date identifications and a microchip registration.

Even pets that are not visibly afraid of fireworks should be kept indoors during fireworks, as they may swallow the fireworks or get burned.

Additionally, officials warned pet owners to keep alcoholic beverages away from animals, as well as foods, especially those high in fat like yeast dough and chocolate.


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