How Is Bobby Flays Made By Nacho Wet Cat Food? Review

Before trying Made by Nacho, my kitties would eat Fancy Feast minced chicken in broth for the big cats. I know, I know, Fancy Feast is often referred to as McDonald’s for cat food, but I’ve given them plenty of classy stuff, and nothing quite hits it like this. Franny and Zoe love them, and honestly how can I blame them? McDonald’s is really good! My girls are especially distinguished by the look and feel of their food. If you put the paté in front of them, they literally turn their noses at it. If the meat is cut into their food, they stroke their lips and tongues wildly in order to show how hard tendrils are to swallow. I think the main reason they love this particular Fancy Feast formula is that the chicken pieces are so small and suspended in the broth, that they are easy to eat. And what I like about it is that this food is specifically made for cats over the age of seven – plus, the vet said Fancy Feast isn’t actually who – which Bad, so please don’t shy away from this choice. I’m doing the best I can. However, I have no idea where the meat in this wet food comes from and it’s hard to find an older formula. I recently received a notification from Chewy that my self-shipment of the product was discontinued because it was out of stock and it sent me into an absolute whirlpool. Good thing, it was made by nacho.

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