How Colorado Breweries Are Supporting Marshall Fire Relief Efforts

On the afternoon of December 30, high winds blew from the hills near Boulder, Colorado and reacted with a fire in the grass, causing 40-foot-high flames. Those same winds pushed the fire forward at a rapid pace, causing an emergency evacuation of the nearby city of Superior and, later in the day, Louisville.

Over five hundred homes were lost in a matter of hours. Fortunately, surprisingly no loss of life occurred.

Breweries in the area have begun stepping in to provide assistance to those affected by the Marshall and Middle Fork fires. We will continually publish more relief efforts as we learn about them.

For those affected, we’re glad you’re safe.

West and down brewing

liquid mechanics fermentation

Literal Alice West Vault

Piccolier Alice

In addition, Peculier is currently recruiting breweries to join the IPA Wildfire Relief charity’s restoration and regrowth charity with 100% of the proceeds (aside from material costs) going to support relief efforts. Propagate Labs will give participating breweries a 50% discount on yeast with the possibility that other suppliers will jump on board. Contact Peculier Ales for more details on how to participate.

Woods Boss Brewing

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Max Taps

Tivoli brewing

(Image credit: Denver News 7)

If your brewery is providing support through relief efforts, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to reach out to Tristan at porchdrinking dot com!

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