Holistic Natural Cat Food – Even the Most Discriminating Feline Can’t Resist

Holistic natural cat food can provide the best in nutrition for your feline companion. Cats are known to be aloof and independent but as they have been domesticated to provide human companionship, they have become dependent upon their human caregivers for dietary needs. Holistic natural cat food such as Wysong Archetype dry food offers much higher nutritional value than most commercial cat foods. The Archetype diet plan is scientifically designed to provide natural nutrition in complete accord with nutrients that cats would eat in the wild. The ingredients contained in Archetype come from wholesome, natural food products that provide higher amounts of protein, healthy fats and other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, while reducing the unnatural fiber and moisture contained in most cat foods.


Archetype holistic natural cat food contains up to 75% more protein than most commercial cat foods. Protein is essential for muscle growth and health for many processes in a cat’s physiology. High quality, meat based protein is the best choice for the protein source but most cat foods contain grain based protein from corn or wheat along with meat or chicken “by-products” which are not from the flesh of the animal but from discarded parts such as skin and cartilage. Wysong products are made with the first 4 ingredients being beef meat and liver, along with chicken meat and liver. This is a much better option for your cat and will provide a more natural protein, similar to what your cat may eat from a wild diet.


Though humans often try to limit the amount of fat in the diet, animals such as cats need a good amount of healthy fat to support body systems and provide energy. Holistic natural cat food by Wysong contains as much as 3 times the amount of healthy fat from sources such as fish oil, known to be heart healthy for humans and animals alike. A cat living in the wild may thrive on fish and the inclusion of fish oil in the Archetype feline food will ensure that even the indoor cat gets the fat and healthy lipids that it needs to function well and live a long healthy life. The use of fish oil and other lipids provide healthy fatty acids such as Omega-3 fatty acids which may help to protect the cardiac system and prevent disease of aging such as cancer and kidney disease.


Wysong holistic natural cat food contains about half or less of the crude fiber contained in most cat foods. Many manufacturers use grain and other fibers as filler in the cat to make it seem less expensive. In reality, the cat may have to eat more of the lesser quality food in order to get the nutrition. People who have indoor litter boxes will notice the decreased volume of litter box deposits because the cat’s body is able to fully utilize the nutrition in Archetype holistic natural cat food. A healthy amount of natural plant based fiber from sources such as grass, herbs and seaweed is included to ensure healthy functioning of the feline digestive system but it does not come from grains such as corn and wheat which may cause gastrointestinal bloating and digestive disorder.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Wysong has ensured that Archetype holistic natural cat food contains all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your cat made need are included. These nutrients come from natural whole food sources such as bone, fruits and herbs to ensure that they are in the most natural, absorbable form possible. In addition, Archetype cat food contains healthy probiotics and probiotics to promote healthy digestion.

Many products available in grocery and pet food stores claim to be nutritionally complete. While they may meet absolute minimums in certain nutrient levels, the ingredients have been obtained from artificial, non-human grade sources and processed using high heat methods which can destroy nutrient value. You can dramatically improve your cat’s health and energy when you switch to Archetype holistic natural cat food.

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