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MINNEAPOLIS (Associated Press) – A group of 20 to 30 people seized several electronic items at a Best Buy store in Burnsville and fled quickly before police arrived, police said. Police say no weapons were found in the grave on Friday night and no one was reported injured. No one was arrested until Saturday morning. The theft occurred just after 8 p.m. on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year after the Thanksgiving holiday. The incidents are similar to a number of mass robberies recently reported across the United States.

CAS LEAKE, Minnesota (Associated Press) – Several members of the Lake District of Ojibwe in northern Minnesota are working to address animal neglect in their tribal lands – bringing their community closer to its spiritual roots. Children help the elderly rescue animals, pet food and supplies are routinely distributed in the community, and the first permanent veterinary clinic is one of the final passes inaccessible. Animals are central to Ojibwe beliefs and sacred origin stories. So promoting pet care reinforces the Creator’s intentions to bring about harmony between humans and animals – a value that some say has faded over the years.

CHICAGO (AP) – Winter is approaching, but experts say the Great Lakes region didn’t get the message. The Chicago Tribune reported that summer and fall evenings failed to cool enough. So the Great Lakes surface temperatures tend to be above average. It is an example of climate change. Standard or near-standard warm periods in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, and Illinois created a domino effect. Warmer lake temperatures can produce more lake-generated snow. Snow dwindles as ice appears, which itself lags. Ice helps deter coastal erosion. And warmer water temperatures throughout the year can lead to invasive species or harmful algal blooms, even in the waters in the depths of the Great Lakes.

Minneapolis (AFP) – President Joe Biden is set to visit a suburb of the Twin Cities this week to promote a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. The White House announced Friday that Biden will visit Rosemount on Tuesday. The president has made several stops across the country to highlight the infrastructure package. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the White House expected the package to provide $4.5 billion to Minnesota for highways, $800 million for public transportation and about $300 million for bridge work over five years. The state is also preparing for $680 million for water projects, at least $100 million for broadband expansion and about $297 million for airport infrastructure. Biden won Minnesota by nearly 7 percentage points in the 2020 presidential election.

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