Healthy, homemade pet treats with Pura Vida Pets

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Champaign, Illinois (WCIA)

Marla Piffler, owner of Pura Vida Pets LLC, shares homemade treats and accessories for her dogs.

My goal is to provide pets with healthy, homemade treatment options. I use fresh vegetables, fruits and local honey to prepare my food. I use recycled and reused materials to make toys. I love working with other small businesses and supporting my community.

My clients know what they want and what their pets need. I’ve had requests for gluten-free treats and I’m saving that option now. Some of my cat toys have ribbons and feathers, and some customers have said that their cat prefers yarn and yarn instead, so I modified and made them without those materials. I used to only offer one size treat but now I have small bites for smaller dogs. I have crunchier treats for puppies and softer treats for older dogs who have or lack sensitive teeth. People really love pancakes on birthdays and special occasions.


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