Healthy Dog Food Delivery Startup, Dog Standards, Launches Across Canada Today

Toronto – (work wire) – Dog Standards, a Toronto-based dog food company, has officially announced its launch today. The company will be the first in Canada to offer human-grade, veterinary-developed, preservative-free dog food to consumers across the country.

Dog Standards was established as a direct response to a lack of transparency and regulation in the dog food industry. “The industry hasn’t changed in over 50 years, and we knew we could offer something better and more relevant to Canadians,” said Jessica Bevilacqua, founder of Dog Standards.

“Now more than ever before Canadians consider their dogs to be part of the family. As dog parents, we are committed to providing Canadians with a brand they can trust,” added Bevilacqua.

Pet owners have come to trust pet food brands, those that prioritize profit over health. More than 70 percent of dog owners report that they do not know what is in the food they feed their dogs. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets a standard for pet food and states that meats labeled as 4-D (dead, dying, sick or disabled) can be used in dog food if served at high temperatures and pressure. This lack of industry-wide quality assurance is why a brand like Dog Standards is so important.

Canine Standards is on a mission to educate dog owners about the health benefits of fresh nutrition, and to enable dogs to live healthier, happier lives. All Standard Dog meal plans are customized to each dog’s breed, age, weight and activity level in order to ensure a complete and balanced diet.

Dog Standards currently offers three recipes, turkey, beef, and chicken. All recipes are produced in commercial grade kitchens in Canada and shipped in recyclable packaging using dry ice to keep their recipes cold during nationwide shipping.

To learn more about dog standards and determine a meal plan for your dog, visit:

About dog standards

Dog Standards customizes and delivers fresh dog meal plans to their doorsteps across Canada. Made with whole human-grade ingredients, freshly prepared and preservative-free, our food exceeds currently accepted standards in the dog food industry. We are on a mission to make dogs healthier and happier, by providing a convenient way to feed fresh dogs.

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