Grand Junction Senior Cats Chloe, Zoe, and Jilly Lose Their Ow

We often see on social media when people have to send their pets across the rainbow bridge. In this case, the animals had to say goodbye to their human being.

This week’s featured pets from Roice-Hurst Humane have something in common. These calicos have lived together their whole lives, and they recently suffered the loss of their owner, who sadly passed away.

Chloe loves attention

Royce Hearst Humanitarian Association

Chloe is the most trusted of the three. She is 11 years old, very affectionate and loves attention. Chloe loves to explore her surroundings and spend time with her cat sisters.

Zoe and Jilly are slowly opening up

Royce Hearst Humanitarian Association

Zoe is 11 years old and Gilly is 12 years old. Both of these cats are on the shy side now. However, they slowly come out of their shell and allow employees to interact and manipulate them.

Royce Hearst Humanitarian Association

It is believed that they are simply grieving the loss of their owner and will open up as soon as they find a new home.

Can we keep it together?

Ideally, these cats will go to the same house, where they have spent their entire lives together. However, if a single house that can accommodate all three cannot be found, the cats will be adopted separately.

Meet these cats

If you are interested in meeting these beautiful calicos, you can call 970-434-7337 to make an appointment.

You can check the Roice-Hurst website for other adoptable pets, or for ways you can help provide the supplies the shelter needs to care for homeless pets.

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