Goodest Cat: Healthy, affordable food for your feline friends on Shopee

Responsible “furs” never stop looking for tasty and healthy food for their pets.

But what if there was a cat food product that was not only healthy but also affordable and proudly made in the Philippines? A perfect match, right? That product would be Goodest Cat, a pet food brand that offers complete, balanced pet food with fresh ingredients, at a “a-fur-dable” price. Fur Rental is easier and less expensive with Goodest. One pouch packs 85g of pure quality for as low as P26.00 on Shopee – 5g more than the main competitors, and at a lower price there. Locally made in General Santos, these delicious meals are made with only the freshest ingredients, enriched with vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition. What’s even more impressive about it is that it follows the standards for quality and safe pet feed set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. The best wet cat food comes in three different flavors – chicken chomp, with real chicken meat, beef liver, and tuna, which makes it different because most cat food only serves seafood; tender tuna, made entirely from high-quality tuna; And meaty mackerel, made with sardines, tuna, and mackerel – definitely a feast for the seafood-loving frappe.

Goodest Cat Foods is also part of Century Pacific Food, one of the largest tuna companies in the Philippines. Follow Goodest at Shopee Mall and add to your cart Meow – (85g)-i.526929953.12909303138 (85 g) –i.526929953.12709301438 (85 g)-i.526929953.10548542324 (85g)-i.526929953.13709276001

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