From shy cats to a dog refusing to go for walks

He is on a mission to help our pets. . . He is here to answer your questions.

Shaun, the chief veterinarian at dedicated to pet food, has helped answer owners’ inquiries for ten years. He says, “If your pet is acting funny or is exposed to the weather, or you want to know something about nutrition or exercise, just ask. I can help keep pets happy and healthy.”


Sean is here to answer your pet’s questionscredit: scientific
Sean McCormack, chief veterinarian at, promises that he can


Sean McCormack,’s chief veterinarian, promises it can “help keep pets happy and healthy.”Credit: Doug Seaborg – The Sun

Q) Our six month old short haired kitten named PJ is very loving to me But my husband cannot approach him to caress or caress him.

We’ve had PJ for about four months but he always runs away from my husband Mick in the park.

Is there anything Mick can do to improve this sad situation?

Sheila Blackmore, Chessington, Surrey

Shawn says: Is your husband a dog, by any means?

If he doesn’t understand the nuances between cats and dogs, he may be tough or overbearing at attention – something most cats don’t enjoy.

Discover what treats PJ simply can’t resist. Allowing a BJ to come to him, using lure toys or laser pointers to lure him into remote play first, can also help.

It’s all about building positive associations, being super cute and only touching or touching PJ when that connection starts.

Running after him in the garden to give him love will drive him away. Play it cool, Mick!

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Q) The English Bulldog Buster, who we’ve had since he was a puppy, won’t go for a walk.

He’s about five years old and he’s been like that all the time.

If we mention “walking,” he starts licking his lips and then crawling back to his bed. We’ve tried everything but never tried to force it. please help.

Steve Hurley, Bexley, Kent

Shawn says: How does Buster breathe? English Bulldogs can be prone to a condition called BoA (humeral obstructive airway syndrome).

This is a long way of expressing their flat faces and the anatomy of their noses and throats means they struggle to breathe well.

English Bulldogs can be prone to a condition called Boas


English Bulldogs can be prone to a condition called Boascredit: scientific

For some dogs, this can mean that they are less tolerant of light exercise – and can cause more anxiety than dogs with normal faces.

For a Buster, I highly recommend getting him checked out by an experienced Boas vet.

Q) I cut a neglected cat two years ago. It’s called a donut and I love it.

I think it was a trash bird. People said I couldn’t train her to be loving, but I did and she was my baby.

Anyway, she eats twice as much as most cats and eats all day long – so why is she so small?

Adam Barnes, Maidstone, Kent

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Shawn says: Well done for giving her a home – she looks like a cute little kitty.
Like us, cats are all genetically different.

Some burn calories quickly and never gain weight, and others pile on pounds with just a little extra food. It’s all about metabolism, in most cases.

However, there are a few medical conditions that can cause similar signs.

Hyperthyroidism is a common cause of excess hunger and weight loss in middle age in older cats.

Liver or bowel issues can play a role as well, so if you’re concerned, or if your donut is losing weight or seems not to be feeling well, a vet check and blood test may be a good place to start. provides nutritional food specifically for pets

6 provides nutritional food specifically for pets

star of the week

Six-year-old Billy loves to go to the sea and swim with his owner Amanda Evans.

Because its coat is so thin, diving into the sea helps cool it.

Billy loves to go to the sea to swim with his owner Amanda Evans


Billy loves to go to the sea to swim with his owner Amanda Evans

Amanda, 46, a children’s television producer from Poole, Dorset, says that in addition to being adventurous, Billy has a caring side, supporting her when she lost her mother to dementia in 2016.

She said, “Swimming in the sea is my passion, so being able to share it with Billy is amazing.

“We are able to bond and he loves the water.

“Billy was there for my mom when she lost my dad and really helped her when she had dementia.

“He gave her a lift and was a support for me when my mom passed. Billy is an absolute rock.”

Beware of buying kittens online

CAT enthusiasts considering welcoming a new feline friend this Christmas have been warned against online shopping because unscrupulous merchants are selling sick pets.

Samantha Webb, 32, of Truro, Cornwall, bought Frankie after seeing him on Facebook.

Samantha Webb bought Franky after seeing it on Facebook


Samantha Webb bought Franky after seeing it on Facebook

She said, “I saw hilarious kittens with the caption ‘Ten week old kittens ready to go, mom can be seen.'”

“But I had a weak, limp kitten who wouldn’t open his eyes. I paid £30 to get him and the vet out.

“He was four weeks old and had a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia because his mother had a virus during pregnancy.”

Cat Protection found that 340,000 cats were purchased online in the past year, which is 68 percent of all cats purchased.

Now she is launching a campaign called Eight Precious Weeks – how long kittens should stay with their mothers – to tackle the bugs.

“Some online sellers are willing to put profit before luxury, and unsuspecting buyers are left with a very bad kitten,” said chief advocacy officer Madison Rogers.

If you are considering buying a cat, check first at

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