Fresh, homemade pet meals made by loving ‘pawrents’

You don’t want to eat cereal every day, do you?

Imagine how you feel about your pets being fed dry food every day and nothing else.

We see our pets as family and want nothing but the best for them, and perhaps this should include providing them with consciously prepared food as well.

We admit that home cooked meals take a lot of time and effort to do, and getting that bag of commercial dog food is easier and more convenient.

However, we shouldn’t be out of options, given that there are a number of parents who have decided to open a shop, making their fresh, human-compliant, home-cooked meals and meals readily available to their friends and family – and even cats.

Healthy Pet Kitchen: All Natural & Preservative Free

Whole pet kitchen

Whole Pet Kitchen (WPK) started as a small home bakery in 2011. They make all-natural cakes and meals for pets that are free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. They also see that every ingredient contains at least one superfood for the well-being of every pet.

If you’re the type to throw birthday parties for your “furbabies,” the leader in bounty natural pet foods in the country has cake bases for dogs and ones for cats. We’re talking about real birthday cakes – with frosting, bits and everything – that your pets can consume without you having to worry about anything. These are 100 percent free of preservatives and made with pet-safe ingredients, right down to the colors used in the cakes. Juices from pet-safe herbs, vegetables, and flowers are used instead of artificial food colouring.

WPK also makes the Good Dog Grub that has become popular with pet parents who are looking for healthier options for canned food or treats. All-natural pet foods come in beef rice and liver. grain-free buffalo and vegetable meal; grain-free tubers and beef; Grain-free chicken and squash. Chicken, vegetables and rice A simple meal of white fish, grain-free vegetables, beef and rice, eggs and rice.

What a delicious pet food and “garden” without rewards, right? WPK offers handmade cookies, cakes and chews. Some pet parents can even share cookies with their “fur,” due to the delicate taste and human ingredients.

Currently, WPK has a new service to create customized clinical meals for dogs with illnesses that require nutrition management and support.

phone. 0908-862335; wholepetkitchen on Instagram.

Rav treats PH

One-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rocco developed an extremely sensitive stomach, which made him feel lethargic. After a number of vet visits, claw parents Angela Sanares and Rafael Angelis decided to turn Rokku into an all-natural diet—real meat, real vegetables, and preservative-free—including his treats. The change in diet brought Rokku back to his playful personality.

The couple then decided to start the Ruff treatment, so that they could share healthy diet alternatives to other parents and also foster a special bond between them and their frappers.

Sweet and savory treats make up the Ruff Treats menu. Pets – through their children, of course – can choose from foie gras (dried pork liver strips), chicken fingers (dried chicken breast strips), filet ‘Minions’ (dried lean beef cubes) and char siu chips. For “dessert,” there’s Peanut Butter and Banana Pudding made with mashed banana and peanut butter pudding made with agar agar, pumpkin spice pudding and cinnamon agar pudding. There’s also Alpha Bites, an alphabet-shaped baked cookie made with whole wheat flour, mashed peanuts, carrots, and homemade applesauce.

Ruff Treats believes that what is good for humans is also good for our pets. All of their desserts are made with high quality, locally sourced ingredients and are inspired by the delicious dishes that humans enjoy. They work in small batches for both dried meats and baked crackers to maintain the quality of the foods.

rufftreatsph on Instagram.

Heckin’ Raw: Human Grade Ingredients

Raw Hekken!

As the name suggests, Heckin’ Raw! Provides complete, balanced, fresh and biologically suitable raw meals for your dogs. The meals are prepared in-house and use only human-grade ingredients, making them completely freezer-safe with your food.

The store offers both raw meal prepackaged pans in 350 gram containers and custom meal plans. Meal pans come in beef, pork, and chicken to make sure dogs get different types of meat. Raw Hekken! He has a monthly meal plan that is tailored to the dog’s breed, size, age, weight, allergies, and even the furry parent’s lifestyles.

@checkinraw on Instagram

Woof eats home cooked dog food

Dan and Ann Dela Cruz of Woof Eats have been feeding their dogs home-cooked food for several years now. But it wasn’t until recently that Ann decided to make the meals she provides also available to other pet parents who want healthy options for their pets.

“The idea to sell this online came up when we lost Misha to Ehrlich disease. I was really devastated and needed to keep myself occupied,” said Ann. I tend to make home cooked meals for the dogs because it makes them happy too.

Home cooked dog food solved quite a few of the problems at Forkids from encouraging a picky eater to treating allergies and urinary tract infections. Our home-cooked pork and vegetables are 100 percent free from preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavors, and they ensure that only the freshest human-grade ingredients are used.

“We cook the food in small batches on a weekly basis to keep it fresh and to avoid freezing for several months,” Ann said. Watch out for new Woof Eats flavors coming soon. @woof.eats on Instagram

Balanced Pet Meals: Grass-fed Meat Sources and Local Vegetables

Balanced meals for pets and wellness

Balanced Pet Meals provide gently cooked meals with premium, nutritious meat sources from local herbs and vegetables, and premium quality nutritional supplements. They recently also introduced frozen kefir treats, made with kefir (fermented milk from locally raised cows and goats) that promote the health of your pets’ gut.

The pet parents of Balanced Pet Meals believe that good food is the best medicine for the overall wellness of our pets, giving us more years together. They highlight the importance of informed nutrition and the huge role it plays in the long-term health of pets. They also taste everything they make before trying it on their pets.

Aside from taking care of the pet’s welfare, Balanced Pet Meals aims to be kinder to the planet as well. Their meals are packaged in compostable containers, their secondary packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and their shipments are shared to reduce their carbon footprint. Their ingredients are ethically sourced too, with the team spending a lot of time and effort finding only the highest quality, locally grown and sustainably sourced ingredients.

balancedpetmeals on Instagram

Bon Apawtit

For those looking for natural remedies for their dogs, Bon Apawtit has a whole host of goodies to choose from. The store offers preservative- and chew-free meals and meal coverings in beef, chicken, pork, duck, and even seafood. Food and chews are washed and trimmed with organic vinegar by hand before undergoing a delicate drying process. A high-quality dehydrator includes a UV disinfectant to make sure that bacteria and pathogens commonly found in raw meat are eliminated.

Bon Apawtit also accepts made-to-order or customized treats based on your dog’s size, age, and chewing strength. on Instagram

Pet Alley: Delicious meals for the picky eater

pet alley

Pet Alley was cooked out of a desire to feed healthy, homemade food to two picky Pomeranians. Cooking fresh batches of dog food regularly has made the people behind the brand realize that they may also provide gourmet pet food for those with picky eaters.

The three types are Porky Pet Party, Beef Bow Wow (best seller), and Chicken Chow Chow. Each 500-gram package is guaranteed grain-free, salt-free, and preservative-free. Meats are mashed into squash and many steamed vegetables for an extra boost of nutrients. All ingredients are human grade, locally sourced and freshly cooked.

Although it was initially intended for dogs, cats can also enjoy home-cooked meals. According to Pet Alley, their recipes contain at least 50 percent meat to vegetables, so both cats and dogs can meet all of their daily protein needs.

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