Following a rough start, NMDOG provides dogs like Tessa with a second chance

WATCH: Full Interview with Angela Stell, Founder and Director of NMDOG

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Serving leashed, abused, and neglected dogs throughout the state, NMDOG is a volunteer-based, non-profit canine rescue. Founded in 2010, the organization is based in Albuquerque and works in partnership with law enforcement departments, animal control departments, and shelters in New Mexico by assisting them with the most severe cases of cruelty and abuse.

NMDOG provides support to dogs by providing them with medical care and emotional rehabilitation to make them ready for adoption. This week, NMDOG is spotlighting Tessa, a loving bull terrier and boxer mix who had a rough start in life but is now thriving.

Tessa came to NMDOG earlier this year from southern New Mexico where she was confined to the same spot for the eight years of her life. Tessa has been used to reproduce over and over again, and Tessa was found to have an advanced case of breast cancer that required immediate surgical intervention to prevent further spread and recurrence.

While it was a serious procedure and recovery, Tessa now has a second chance at life and longs for a forever home. Tissa qualifies for NMDOG’s Home Sanctuary Program, which provides lifelong care and all expenses covered by the organization. For more information about Tessa and the program, contact NMDOG.

To celebrate the festive season, visit Pet Food Gone Wild during the NMDOG Annual Giving Tree unveil on Saturday, November 27, 2021. PFGW will donate a percentage of the day’s sales to NMDOG on this day and will also feature a Giving Tree with pictures of the nonprofit’s dogs ornaments and their Christmas wish lists .

NMDOG also accepts new and used dog grooming and blankets for the Winter Awareness Program. For more information, visit


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