Five Big Nine Conference Schools Among Boys Basketball Elite

The latest Minnesota Basketball News rankings have five Big Nine Conference schools ranked in the top 20 in Class 3A and Class 4A.

In Class 3A Mankato West #6, Austin #9, Mankato East #10, and Red Wing #17. Class 4A Owatuna is No. 12.

The Suburban South Conference features four 4A-ranked schools top 11 with Shakopee #2, Eastview #6, Lakeville North #8, and Rosemount #11.

Lake City #12 in Class 2A and Stewartville #19 Class 3A are the two ranked Hiawatha Valley League teams.

The Gopher Conference has two ranked teams as well. Maple River is No. 6 in Class 2A and Highfield is No. 4 in Class 1A.

The Three Rivers Conference features Caledonia #3 in Category 2A and Rushford-Peterson #3 in Category 1A.

Below are the full lists of teams in each category ranked by Minnesota Basketball News.

Class 1 A

1. St. Mary’s eye drowsiness
2. Middle MN Christian
3. Rashford Peterson
4. Highfield
5. Cup Lake Pena
6. New York Mills
7. Mahnomen-Waubun
8. Martin County West
9. Lush – Beltrami
10- Mankato Loyola
11- Hancock
12- Nevis
13. Ashby
14. Southwest Minnesota Christian
15- Spring Grove
16. Cherry
17 – Belgrade – Protein – Elrosa
18. North Woods
19. Sacred Heart
20. Iron Buhl Mountain

Class 2 A

1. Minneapolis North
2. Minnehaha Academy
3 – Caledonia
4. Morris / Chuquio, Alberta
5. Blake
6. Maple River
7. Anandil
8. Sook Center
9. Albanian
10- Asco
11- Minneapolis Edison
12. Redwood Valley
13. Rockford
14. Fergus Falls
15. Lake City
16. Pipestone
17. Christian Southwest
18. Spectrum
19. Melaka
20. Melrose

Cup 3 A

1. Totino Grace
2. DeLaSalle
3. South St. Paul
4. Alexandria
5. Columbia Heights
6. Western Mankato
7. Princeton
8. Peneld-St. Margarets
9. Austin
10- Mankato East
11- Hutchinson
12- Two rivers
13- Delano
14, Mahtumidi
15. Richfield
16. St. Paul Johnson
17. Red Wing
18. North Branch
19. Stewartville
20. Beating

Class 4 A

1. Park Center
2. Shakopee
3. Wizata
4. Critten Durham Hall
5. East Ridge Woodbury
6. East View Apple Valley
7. Hopkins
8. Lakeville North
9. Park
10 Spring Lake Garden
11. Rosemount
12- Owatuna
13.Mounds View
14. Osseo
15- Minnetonka
16- Sartel Street. Steven
17. Andover
18- Minneapolis South
19- Brainerd
20- Every river

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