First cat food to reduce allergens lands in Latin America

Nestlé Purina has long-awaited positive news for cat lovers in Latin America who are allergic to cat hair and dander. Pro Plan, brand Purina, has now launched LiveClear cat food in four markets in the region, after successfully debuting the product in the US, UK, Canada and other markets in 2020.

After more than 10 years of research, scientists at Purina have come up with a way to neutralize Fel d 1, an allergen produced by cats’ saliva that is transmitted to their coat and skin through grooming, according to Natalio Tello, director of consumer marketing at Pro Plan in Chile. Fel d 1 is a protein produced in cats’ salivary and sebaceous glands that causes an allergic reaction in 95% of people sensitive to cat allergens, according to Purina.

A turning point in the cat food industry

This new product marks a turning point in the cat food industry, allowing allergy-sensitive cat lovers to live together with felines once again.

The product technical fact sheet states that Pro Plan LiveClear contains a protein derived from eggs that joins the Fel d 1 protein to neutralize it. Because cats eat Live Clear daily, it reduces hair and cat dander allergens by 47% after three weeks of use. The company says the mechanism is simple and safe for cats and their owners.

Plus, the formula includes Purina’s Optitract Technology, a blend of nutrients that help maintain and protect adult cats’ lower urinary tract health, according to the company. LiveClear contains frozen chicken meat, which is a protein source of high biological value and highly digestible that helps provide the optimum level of nutrients, says the fact sheet.

A game changer for cat ownership?

At this time, the new cat food in Latin America is only available in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

According to the manufacturer, one in five adults worldwide is sensitive to cat allergens, which likely limits ownership of more cats. Therefore, a product like LiveClear could signal a game-changer for pet ownership trends, favoring the adoption of more cats in the coming years.


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