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AUBURN – One-stop shop for all of man’s best friend needs, those furry felines and other creatures, can now be found in Auburn.

Chow Hound Pet Supplies opened their doors Monday at Kroger Plaza – next door to Kroger – bringing a variety of pet food, supplies and more to the community. It’s the first full-service pet store in Auburn in several years.

Heather Vitale, store manager, said the reception from the community was phenomenal in the first few days.

“It was amazing,” she said. “Everyone was so warm and welcoming. Our team is amazing.”

Prior to moving to Auburn, Vital worked as an assistant manager at the Chow Hound site in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is looking forward to the day her family can join her in Auburn.

In the coming weeks, the store will also feature a selection of fish, birds, small animals and reptiles. Vitaly said she is looking forward to working with rescue groups in the area to try and find homes for the cats and dogs.

The company does not sell cats and dogs because it focuses on working with rescue organizations to find good homes for those animals in need.

“There are a lot of dogs and cats that need homes,” she said.

The store is pet friendly, and all kinds of pets are welcome to shop with their owners. Offers a variety of specialty dog ​​and cat foods along with brand name brands. It also holds aquarium supplies, reptile food, bird food and food for your little creatures.

In the coming weeks, the store will also have a range of refrigerated and frozen foods available for dogs as the new health trend is feeding pets a raw diet.

She said store employees are constantly undergoing training to keep up with the latest science and best practices for pets. This gives them the knowledge to find just what you need to make your pet happy and healthy.

Three dog grooming spots in the store give patrons the opportunity to keep their dogs away from their home cells. The store provides all the necessary necessities and cleans up the mess when customers are done. Dog wash stations are available at a fixed price and are first come, first served.

She said it was a nicer way to bathe your pet than the hassle of doing it in a family bathtub.

The store will also have a nanny on site in the coming months.

The company is also big on providing fertilization to the animals it sells, she said. Staff are encouraged to work with the animals to socialize them to make them well-adapted when purchased.

“All of our animals get time out of their cages,” she said. “Shepherds add a member of their family, not just something that will sit in a cage all day.”

This is the philosophy that is emphasized to patrons when they come to the store. The knowledgeable staff helps new pet owners make the best decision for their family.

“We are an experience, not just a store,” Vitale said.

In the coming weeks, the store will adopt a pet into the store, which will be on hand to greet visitors, something that is being implemented company-wide. Vitaly said that most stores adopt cats as pets in the store, but her employees push her to think outside the box.

The store has 15 employees and is open seven days a week from 9am to 9pm. Delivery and online ordering is also available at

The store will hold a grand opening on January 29-30.


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