Fancy Indian food, a hot new vegan place and 25 other new restaurant openings in Seattle

Just in time for the deep, quivering autumn humidity, we’ve got a new hot pot spot in international Chinatown and the many cafés and coffee shops in other neighborhoods. But the big winners are the vegetarians and Mexican food lovers, especially the tacos and tamales. see below.

Ba Bar Green It’s the vegan grand opening of the year, located in the walking window of the popular Vietnamese noodle house Ba Bar in South Lake Union. Chef and co-owner Eric Banh has created a Southeast Asian vegetarian and vegan menu that includes sandwiches and pasta with vegetarian meat, from Banh Mi with chorizo-flavored plant protein and noodle soup with vegetarian products like Beyond Meat, Impossible Meat, tofu and an egg substitute made with mung beans. Check out the kabocha and sweet potato malay curry laksa with coconut milk, “cracklen” tofu, cilantro, bean sprouts, green onions, chili oil, and rice noodles. Pro tip: order online if you don’t want to wait too long.

cricket club She is Chef Preity Agarwal’s follow up to her Indian restaurant in Fremont Misha. It’s a similar concept: small plates and tapas-style entrees serve up family style. Located in the old Salare space in Ravenna, Kricket Club looks to New Delhi and Mumbai for its street food inspiration, from potato masala papadi chaat to spiced flat chicken paratha. Larger dinner portions include goat biryani and lentil rice pudding. Cocktails are modified with ingredients from South Asia including mezcal with pomegranate, harissa and rose. The best deal, though, is single malt and scotch, 2-ounce that costs $2 to $3 less than you’d pay at bars in Capitol Hill and Ballard. The 97-seat restaurant is full on Fridays and Saturdays. Save yourself the headache and make a reservation, or go on slow weekdays. If you’re concerned about dining in the dining room, reserve a table on the covered, heated patio.

Rubinstein Bagels By Amazon Spheres is expanding with a site in a heavy traffic area of ​​about 15NS Avenue East on Capitol Hill, in the former space of The Wandering Goose. In our growing baking scene, owner Andrew Rubinstein already plans to open three more outposts next year in downtown Redmond and Shoreline and a third branch in Seattle in Eastlake. (For those missing out on the excellent fried chicken, cake, and biscuits at The Wandering Goose, this bakery inside the Tokeland Hotel in Willapa Bay has just reopened.)

One of the best Mexican sites to open this year, frequently Held at Pike Place Market, early prep chefs each morning grind heirloom and organic Oaxaca kernels for a corn tortilla taco of the day. A rotating taco assortment of three to four slow-cooked meat options is available daily, from green pepper chicken to machaca shredded beef. They also sell some of the best tamales in town. Maiz comes from the same family behind Sazon Mexican Restaurant in Ballard and Queen Anne. The taco counter is located near the new tenant, Seattle dumpling companyAnd He makes his namesake street food alongside beef stew, fried buns, and onion pies. On a related note, kitchen and market, a gourmet shop with cooking shows and meal combinations, also open at Pike Place.

new hockey hangout, 32 Bar & GrillIt debuted inside the Kraken Community Iceplex in Northgate, a giant dining facility with 300 seats inside and out. My colleague, food writer Jackie Variano, got the lowdown on the menu, which ranges from grass-fed rib eye with chimichurri to wild-caught king salmon, along with the bar’s usual flavor of burgers, pretzel knots, and poutine. The extensive menu is overseen by Executive Chef Brandon Cathy, formerly of the Arctic Club and Patagon at the downtown Charter Hotel. (There are also other bars around town here where you can watch Kraken games.)

The new 32 Bar and Grill is seen on November 3, 2021, overlooking the Starbucks ice rink at the Kraken Community Iceplex in North Seattle.  (Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times).

Our call for new Korean fried chicken joints is growing longer every month, but newer, Pelicana On Capitol Hill, it’s the biggest name to open in Seattle since Bonchon opened on First Hill in 2019. The South Korean-based chain known for its sweet and spicy chicken has a huge following in the Asian community, with about 2,000 locations worldwide.

Speaking of chicken, chicken supply Lots of bang for the buck on Vinny Ridge, with Filipino-inspired fried chicken with six side options, from pancit noodles to crispy fries dotted with Sichuan salt, chili, and sauteed garlic.

wait. there is more … Chicken Country CookiesThe popular pop-up for the fried chicken sandwich that debuted during the pandemic in Pioneer Square has found a permanent home in Ballard’s former Golden Beetle space. These beloved chicken breast sandwiches still cost about $10. For fans of thick chicken broth over lumpy mashed potatoes, there’s now an even more voracious variety – poutine with added chicken bits. Cookie’s Country Chicken plans to serve ready-made meals starting this weekend while renovating its 2,800-square-foot dining room.

Signature sandwich in fried chicken country chicken cookies with iceberg lettuce, tomato, cheese and sunny sauce.  The popular pop-up that first appeared during the pandemic in Pioneer Square has found a permanent home in Ballard's former Golden Beetle space.  (Greg Gilbert/The Seattle Times)

La mod pies The Ballard branch was opened by Katsu Burger off Northwest Market Street. My colleagues Variano and Jed Yamazaki Stewart just got rid of their high sugar levels after diving deep into the best apple pie offerings around town, and hinting that A la Mode has made it a success.

Stumbletown Ballard Offers a wide selection of $9 sandwiches made with ciabatta bread from Sea Wolf’s star bakery.

home made in Fremont serves Korean-inspired cuisine with vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as bibimbap with garlic chicken or bulgogi rib-eye. The café comes from the same team behind the superstar rice bowl spot Bopbox in Georgetown.

Seoul Paul Westlake Opening in the US District Courthouse, it offers a limited menu of rice dishes and Korean fried chicken sandwiches.

IJ Sushi Burrito Mexican-Asian dishes like shrimp tempura burritos for students at its newest branch in the University District.

Feed Company In the Central District it expands to Green Lake. The opening was postponed due to two burglaries at their restaurant before the doors opened. A mile south of that place Christine’s Restaurant, with an eclectic list of frog legs and beef liver. For those less adventurous, there’s always the truffle burger and fries.

Residents around Westlake have more curry and biryani options out there now MotherIndia . Kitchen It was opened in this neighborhood.

Suddenly, we are inundated with lobster rolls. Last: lobster dad It opens inside the Belltown Black Cat Bar, with a hot and cold version of the lobster roll alongside burgers, pulled pork, and other sandwiches.

Indigo cow Hokkaido soft milk ice cream is served from a walking window next to the Yoroshiko ramen area in Wallingford. The owner suspects that his shop may be the first Hokkaido-style restaurant in the United States.

Perfect for this rainy and windy season, Happy Lamb Hot Pot Opens at Chinatown International.

California series Nectar Juice Bar He comes to Broadway East on Capitol Hill with his cleanse, smoothies, and acai bowls.

On the coffee front: Wonder Ground Café It offers adaptogenic mushroom drinks, including coffee with medicinally extracted mushrooms. At Ballard, the Miami-inspired café Papa Chango Café Specializing in pastilletos (similar to empanada) and serving Café con horchata. kofi holic, a surprisingly successful Vietnamese artisan café in Columbia, is expanding to Greenwood. Caffe Vita at KEXP Opens inside the Seattle Center, and Lyon Coffee House For the first time in the university district.

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