Europe Dog Food Market Report 2021: Size, Trends, Competitive Analysis and Forecasts to 2026 –

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Europe is the second largest dog food market, capturing a global market share of 25%, with an expected sale of USD 19.2 billion in 2025. The dog food market in this region is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.1% during 2021 – 2026.

The European dog food market is primarily driven by four factors: health-oriented products, breed-specific diets, and food for dogs of different ages and treatments. In Western Europe, the dog food market is affected by difficult economic conditions and the inability of people to breed large dogs, which leads to a sharp increase in the number of small dogs.

New laws passed by the government, such as the compulsory electronic chips for dogs since April 2016 in the UK, have led to people preferring other types of pets. However, with health being a paramount concern, consumers are paying more attention to organic and natural ingredients and healthy dog ​​treats, which will lead to higher value sales.

Main topics covered:

1 Introduction

1.1 Research Methodology

1.2 Scope of the study

1.3 Assumptions

2. Summary

3. Industry dynamics

3.1 Drivers

3.1.1 Dog numbers double

3.1.2 The growing trend of humanization of pets

3.1.3 Increasing demand for therapeutic pet foods

3.2 Limitations

3.2.1 Increasing significance between pet food and obesity

3.2.2 Food sustainability

3.2.3 The Supply Chain Challenge in Developing Countries

3.3 Opportunities

3.3.1 Organic and Natural Pet Food

3.3.2 Innovative packaging

3.3.3 Growth in online retail

3.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.5 Future trends in the industry

3.6 Value Chain Analysis

3.7 Industry Policies and Regulations

3.8 Market Innovations

4. Market size and forecast

4.1 Market share by product type

4.1.1 Dry dog ​​food

4.1.2 Wet dog food

4.1.3 Veterinary Diets

4.1.4 Sweets and snacks

4.1.5 Raw food

4.1.6 Organic

4.2 Market share and pricing

4.2.1 Economic

4.2.2 Premium

4.2.3 Excellent

4.3 Market share and components

4.4.1 Animal Derivatives

4.4.2 Fish Derivatives

4.4.3 Dairy and eggs

4.4.4 Fruits and vegetables

4.4.5 Cereals and their by-products

4.4.6 Fats and oils

4.4.7 Plugins

4.4.8 Other

4.4 Market share and additives

4.4.1 Vitamins

4.4.2 Metal

4.4.3 Amino Acids

4.4.4 Antioxidants

4.4.5 Antimicrobials

4.4.6 colorants

4.4.7 Emulsifiers and Stabilizers

4.4.8 Flavors

4.4.9 Other

4.5 Market share, distribution channel

4.5.1 Pet Shops

4.5.2 Collective Markets

4.5.3 Online Retail

4.5.4 Veterinary clinics

4.5.5 Other

5. Country market share

5.1 Europe

5.2.1 United Kingdom

5.2.2 France

5.2.3 Germany

5.2.4 Italy

5.2.5 Spain

5.2.6 Romania

5.2.7 Russia

5.2.8 Other

6. Competitive analysis

6.1 Market share analysis

6.2 Growth strategies for leading players

6.3 Investment and development prospects

6.3.1 Investing in the past five years

6.3.2 Investment Opportunities

6.5 Price trend analysis

7. Company Profiles

7.1 Mars Company

7.2 Nestlé SA

7.3 Feeding pets in the hills

7.4 Unicharm Company

7.5 Nutriara Alimentos Ltda

7.6 Invivo NSA

7.7 Agrolimen SA

7.8 Mogiana Alimentos SA

7.9 Heristo AG

7.10 deer

7.11 Wellbit

7.12GM lollipop

7.13 Diamond Pet Food

7.14 Blue Buffalo

7.15 Meric Pet Care

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