Dutch Bros Coffee to Open Second El Paso Location in Far East

If you’re a coffee junkie, java connoisseur, or simply enjoy fast-driving, and live or work in the easternmost part of El Paso, you’ll be glad to know that Dutch Bros Coffee is expanding to your side of town.

Months after its first appearance in Sun City at 7727 Paseo Del Norte Boulevard near Northwestern Drive directly between West Town Marketplace and The Canyons at Cimarron, the Oregon-based coffee shop chain is set to open its second location in El Paso.

Dutch Bros Coffee is one of the fastest growing coffee chains in the country. Headquartered in Oregon and founded in 1992 by two brothers of Dutch descent, Dutch Bros. has hundreds of locations in the western United States and is currently expanding its reach into Texas.

Where is it located in the far east and when will it open?

The second Dutch Bros hotel in El Paso is located at 12221 Eastlake Boulevard near Rojas Drive in the newly minted Eastlake Commons Strip Center that is owned and operated by commercial and retail real estate development and management company River Oaks Real Estate.

The opening date according to their website is “01-28-2022”.

I do a morning radio so I’m all about caffeine. When I get to work, my to-do list contains three things: 1. Make coffee, 2. Drink coffee, 3. Everything else. For those not as fond of it as me, Dutch Bros also offers juices, freezers, tea and energy drinks.

More upcoming El Paso locations

Dutch Bruce Coffee Facebook

If you’re also a Java-loving El Paso resident and looking for new drinks and flavors, look for future Dutch Bros locations near your area. The company is brewing a kind of miniature invasion. Plan, city and state documents show at least 3 more locations across El Paso in the next year or so.

Other registered projects are at 2105 North Zaragoza on Sun Fire Boulevard, 1120 Macray in the area where At Home Decor is located, and a fifth in N. Mesa.

They are all in various stages of planning and construction so there is no word yet on when these sites will be brewed and fed.

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