DoorDash employee complains engineers have to deliver food

FILE – The DoorDash app appears on a smartphone on February 27, 2020 in New York. (AP photo, file)

(NEXSTAR) — DoorDash recently announced that it would bring back the company’s program that tells employees — including engineers, managers and chief executives — to deliver one food (or “dash”) per month. It turns out, not everyone was interested in fulfilling the mission of the eponymous company.

An employee voiced concerns on the Blind platform, an app that allows people to talk to others in their field anonymously, MarketWatch reports. The post, titled “DoorDash Making Food Industry Engineers Serve Food,” complained about the politics.

“I didn’t sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this,” the post reportedly read. This post sparked a long line of comments, including over 1,500 comments, with mixed reactions.

Blind requires people to use a work email to sign up, and confirmed to MarketWatch that the author of the post was a DoorDash employee.

“This isn’t new, we’ve always had this program and have simply paused it a bit during the pandemic,” a DoorDash spokesperson said in a statement to Nexstar. “Employee sentiment towards the blind is not a reflection of the employee base in general. This is a value program we have had since the establishment of the company.”

If employees can’t deliver food as part of the WeDash program, as it’s called, they have two other options: WeMerchant and WeSupport. The former has employees who help support a DoorDash merchant, like a restaurant, for a day. The second has employees working in the shadow of customer service agents.

The company said that any money raised in WeDash food deliveries is donated to charities. The goal of the program is to bring all DoorDash employees closer to the experience of a restaurant worker, food delivery driver or customer support employee, the spokesperson said.


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