‘Don’t stock up’: Advice as supply chain disruptions affect pet food

Global supply chain problems are now causing pet food disruption, leaving many pet owners amazed.

Global problems with getting goods and products into and out of the freight yards are now affecting the pet food supply chain, much to the astonishment of many pet owners.

Between shipping difficulties, understaffed manufacturing plants and the country’s few canneries for canning pet food, customers began to find empty shelves where their preferred brand was.

“Now we’re getting to a point where I kind of ignore it when people ask, ‘Why haven’t you been able to have this for so long?'” “It’s like everything,” said Christina Pierce, who runs Pet Barn in Annapolis, Maryland.

Her store specializes in natural foods, and while dry foods aren’t affected, Pierce said the cost of most products is rising due to disruptions in the supply chain. She specifically noted the difficulties in obtaining certain types of packaged foods.

“These companies have to sort of focus on the bestsellers… and make them and get them out. And so everything else that might not have been performing well is now secondary and not even made.”

However, instead of stocking the brand, customers should talk to their vet to diversify what they feed their pets.

“You never want to marry a single food brand. The one thing you always want is to have options. If you knew, God forbid, that you were out of stock for your specific ingredient for any number of reasons, you always wanted to have options,” Pierce said. To have something else in your back pocket that you can use.

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