Dog Tossed Off Overpass Saved & Recovering Thanks to Rescuer

It was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time for a small dog who was spotted from I 75 after potentially being ejaculated from an overpass. Thanks to the guardian angel who happened to find the dog, the story will have a happy ending.

It all started earlier this week when Jerry Kosovsky walked the Rathbun Way near Maple Road near I-75 at Birch Run Township. It was there that I heard screams coming from a ditch off a busy highway and began to investigate. There I found a very scared and neglected mixed pup trying to move.

“She was trying to get up and her hair was so shiny, she was stuck in sticks and the brush and I didn’t know how badly she was injured, so I didn’t want to move her or take her,” Kosovsky said. ABC 12.

Photo: Saginaw County Animal Control Facebook

Knowing the dog needed help, Kosovki called 911, and Officer Desiree Sage of Saginaw County Animal Care and Control responded. It was clear to Kosovsky and the responding officer that the dog had been neglected and mistreated.

“I just thought this guy was really bad,” Officer Sage told ABC 12. “It had to be shaved right away, so I called some backups and I shaved it off and put a jacket on.”

As sad as this story begins, it’s shaping up to be a very happy ending. The dog is on his way to recovery thanks to receiving care from Saginaw County Animal Care & Control and looks very different, too. Although someone dumped her like trash, she is on her way to finding the long-awaited love. She is currently in foster care and hopefully will find her way home soon.

As for Jerry, her guardian angel, who just so happens to be in the right place at the right time, she’s hoping the dog will find the love she deserves and the people who dumped her “push” and tell ABC 12,

“As long as she gets a good home that’s all that matters to me. Whatever he does, I’m sure God has plans for them.”

We can’t agree with you more than Jerry.

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