Dog-Friendly Menu Items in Hoboken + Jersey City

More and more coffee shops and cafes in the Hudson County area are starting to add menu items only for dogs. That’s right – even our precious dogs can eat their morning puppuccino on a walk. Check out the many locations we’ve discovered in Hoboken and Jersey City that offer treats and drinks to dogs.

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Alessio | 539 Park Avenue, Hoboken

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Italian cafethat it Eating isn’t the only thing Alessio offers – bring a four-legged friend next time you stop in for a slice and gelato because the shop also offers them whipped cream.

Amanda Bananas | Food truck, Hoboken

A local favorite for some reason and a regular at Pier 13, Amanda Bananas ice cream is made with 100% fruit, making it dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. This gem sells a mini-cup dog-friendly ice cream that’s topped with candy.

B18 . coffee | 18 Parkview Street, Jersey City

This local mainstay serves up treats to puppy customers while they wait for their snacks. Dogs are allowed to enjoy the B18’s spacious outdoor patio.

grinding | 360 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City

Located in the Bergen-Lafayette section of Jersey City, The Grind has a loyal following of coffee aficionados. Bring the puppies to try the puppuccino Grind for less than a dollar. A small amount to pay for your pup’s happiness.

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Woofbowfor | food truck


(Photo credit: woofbowl)

Food trucks aren’t just for humans! Owners Ron and Solo were determined to create a nutritious and delicious experience for their four-legged friends that inspired the truck. Residential buildings can be reserved for their tenants to treat their young. They serve homemade ice cream, pizza, burgers, and even non-alcoholic beer. All items are made with dog friendly ingredients full of superfoods. Wherever they stop, they always attract a crowd!

pets corner | 105 9th Street, Hoboken

Do you have a birthday coming up for your dog? Visit Cornerstone to get a delicious treat for your cat or dog to help them celebrate their special day. The store also has an online store that offers shipping services – if you can’t stop in person.

When you are confused:

Dunkin’ Donuts | Multiple locations

DD offers a whipped cream treat for dogs known as a “Cup for Pup” or “a puppy latte” that raises money for the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation. Many sites also offer dog treats.

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Shake Shack | 111 Washington Street, Hoboken

Not only does this eatery serve burgers and fries – they also serve a baby doggie made with Shakeburger dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. They also offer a simpler item, the O’Bones Bag, which is a simple bag of about 5 gifts.

Starbucks | Multiple locations

The puppuccino can be found in the secret menu. Although it is not included in the application, most baristas know what this shake is and are happy with its work for customers. Starbucks already applied for the “Pappuccino” trademark in May 2021.

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Written by: Katie Stelow

Katie Stillo is an Emmy Award-winning culinary producer and food designer. A classically trained chef with Diplomas in Culinary Arts, Pastry, Baking Arts and Culinary Management from the Institute of Culinary Education, her formal training and hands-on work in the field has contributed to her industry experience. Clients appreciate her organizational skills, creativity, and what passion brings to the project. She is also the host and producer of an original digital series, Kitchen HITS, which airs on the Food ADKT TV social pages.


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