DECA Shines at Bashers Faribowl Show on KDHL

Bashers Faribowl Center today suspended three members of the Faribault Senior School DECA Club to highlight their organization.

It was fun to hear FHS DECA Club President Thomas Malicha, Miles Munoz and Clara Malicha educate us on what they do. Clara is a junior gentlemen and both are seniors.

DECA is not an acronym. Decca It is an international organization that provides secondary school and college students networking opportunities, social interactions, real-life business scenarios and guest speakers from the business community.

Royal Ross together with G&H Properties of Fribault host the show and work with companies through the Small Business Development Center to develop their business plans.

The students agreed with Ross that it was a good idea to include information about business plans in their curriculum.

Clara is an outstanding libero on the volleyball team and hopes to play the sport in college. She is hesitant about a career path.

We’ve learned that Myles is very good at the stock market game that students can compete in. He and his partner placed 16th out of 1,000 students in the competition last year.

Students get to invest $100,000 in virtual money in the market. Explains it better than I can.

Thomas hopes to attend college in the eastern United States and is interested in pursuing something in the medical field.

Girls Cross Country coach Willie Clapp gave us the results of the State Cross Country Meet the Falcons competition I participated in recently. The young team occupied the fourteenth place after obtaining the fifteenth seed in the competition.

Faribault Falcons Wrestling coach Jesse Armbruster is excited to begin training next week. Armbruster is anticipating an excellent season with plenty of wrestlers returning from the 20-plus team a year ago.

Bashers Faribowl Center hosts the show featuring Faribault coaches and athletes from Faribault High School and Bethlehem Academy.

We also love visiting representatives of other school activities. Speech competitions, music, robotics, etc.

Lonsdale Country Market is also the proud sponsor of the program which is broadcast live every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m.

You can listen to the podcast of the program below. Enjoy! Royal and I did it.

Business talk.

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